Who Am I?

My name is Nicola and I would like to welcome you to the home I have created on the web – Web n Soul – a place where magic is weaved into lives.

I love web design, and I love the idea of creating sacred spaces for others. It is a work which truly nourishes my soul.

Now the time has come to encourage more of this work into my daily practice, for if I can help others express their souls, their passions, and their healing arts in a visual, constructive form, then I am consciously and actively taking part in adding to the circle of gratitude and love, that will forever expand.

What you give, you shall receive!

My path through the jungle of online marketing, content management and user experience has led me to the wonderful world of web design, and I am grateful for these skills as they allow me to tap into my creative flow and build for others their sacred spaces on the web.

I believe that great web design should be available to all, no matter what the budget, and that’s why I design bespoke websites, forums, and online stores created with love and care for each client based on their own unique message and style. I weave their story and skills into a tangible, visual form for the world to see, providing them with the foundation upon which they can share their knowledge and artistry with others.

Everything I build is on WordPress, a sustainable, versatile content management platform, which can be easily managed. It also provides a sturdy yet flexible basis from which to build a simple website, that has the possibility to grow and expand with you.

A website is your home on the web.

It’s the place to gather your musings,

your work, your story,

and display it for the world to see.


Want to see if my work resonates with your web design needs?

Click the images below to see my portfolio.

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